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  Free U.S. Shipping on all orders over $200.  North American INTL Shipping on all orders over $300 and under 4 pounds is $35.

If you are an international customer and you're cart is over $300 and you feel shipping should be less, send me an email with items and your shipping address to be invoiced, and I will check, as rates I have to pay vary depending on zone and weight- this is the best way for me to deliver the absolute best stones at the best value for everyone. Thank you.

  • All Stones have my 100% guarantee: If for any reason you don't like a particular stone, send me an email and just send the undamaged toishi back insured within 14 days and I will refund for exchange (you pay shipping)  
  • All colors are accurate. This is VERY important to me, and I shoot them all with a color checker that calibrates the exposure against multiple lighting conditions and color against a known standard. 

Here you will find Natural Japanese Stones (tennen toishi) from my extensive whetstone collection. The mines of the Higashi-Mono and beyond, as well as some razors, traditional Japanese chisels, Kana (planes) and other wood working tools, rare razors and kamisori, asano and tomo nagura and lapping plates. If you need help selecting a stone or a gift or are looking for something in particular message me (at gmail, (JapaneseWhetstones)) I will respond as quickly as I am able.

 *Important Update* affecting delivery times - Feb 2016: Due to increasing demands, and other demands that have not yet receded upon my time, this month will see orders shipping twice a week, and emails answered during the wee hours of the night. my family, research and our home all need more of my time than they've had accessible these past 2 months.  Thank you for your understanding and unrelenting appreciation for the quality of the stones in my collection, this is not a business as much as a side project to allow some to share in the pleasure of some of the finest stones that could be found in Japan in previous years as I release some from my collection. This in no way impacts the superlative quality of the stones from my collection you have access to here, it's merely a necessity as I figure out some boundaries for this site in regards to my time amidst this whirlwind of support and demand. Thank you again, so much! -Still selling, and still shipping- only the shipments will be packed and brought to post 2 days a week for the month of February. 

my very best,


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Customer Testimonials:

"It was a pleasure to work with Garret at, on my latest purchase. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Japanese stones and sharpening.  Garret answered all my questions and made several suggestions.  In the end, I selected a beautiful Kouzaki Aoto that was packaged carefully and shipped fast.  When it arrived, it was exactly as he described.  I'm very happy with my purchase and won't hesitate to deal with Garret again on my next purchase.





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