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Asano Ban Nagura- RARE 200 + Grams

Japanese Whetstones

Asano Ban Nagura- RARE 200 + Grams

$ 135.00

Nagura are slurry stones.


Asano nagura are graded and certified slurry stones of 1 true origin mine in Mikawa. The old stock is graded today my one man in an apprenticed position in which he inherited the stamps and knowledge of the Legendary blacksmith Iwasaki-San and geologist Dr. Asano, under apprenticeship to Dr. Asano.  Sakamoto-San who uses the rubric created by Iwasaki and Asano in grading the last of the stock from this mine. Not all true mikawa nagura from the material, and a good portion is refused- the rejects are not stamped and sold off to wholesalers.  

This Asano certified and graded Ban Nagura is amazing stuff, and has become increasingly rare now for a while. The layer from which Ban comes is stronger cutting and of slightly coarser particles than Botan and yet very consistent in cut quality.

Use for:

Razors, setting bevels

Chef Knives, bevel work and initial sharpening refinement and also rubbed directly against the blade to remove rust from carbon steel. Very useful.

Katana polishing and rust removal by Togishi

Cutting tools like carving knives- fine edge blades 

Stronger than Botan and really helpful for bevel work. This is a very nice large piece with beautiful coloring. High quality.

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