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Ozuku Tomae Finishing hone Lv 5+

Japanese Whetstones

Ozuku Tomae Finishing hone Lv 5+

$ 72.00

Final FInisher for razors.

Comes with toishi Dai. Extraordinarily beautiful pattern in this one. I must point out that that black dot in the center of this vintage barber's toishi looks like it has a toxic inclusion (toxic meaning harder than the rest of the stone, and if hit should dull or chip the bevel) It appears to be flush with the surface of the stone though, and I for the life of me haven't ''managed' to catch my edge on it yet to see if it is- so it looks like it, but has never been a problem for my blades. If it ever did become a problem- you can engrave: meaning use a needle to scratch or pick it out (I use a dremel with a diamond wheel and a wash bottle to deliver the water myself) A pocket that would be left from this operation will not interfere with sharpening, the blade can then pass right over. I would do that to this stone- but it has never posed a problem so i don't like to fix what isn't broken. Just know this toishi has an inclusion.  


Max Size: 
Length- 143 mm
Width- 81 mm
Thickness- 13 mm


Ozuku Tomae Finishing hone Lv 5+ toishi with Dai - 425 Grams (15 ounces)

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