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Nakayama Mizu Asagi - Lv 5

Japanese Whetstones

Nakayama Mizu Asagi - Lv 5

$ 380.00

For this entry level natural japanese razor hone/ whetstone, something different. A forum member on Straight Razor Place was curious as to what all the hype and excitement for jnats was all about, and to see how much of it was hype and how much was rightful excitement for the superior edges a true razor quality jnat delivers. I didn't want to send one I had already photographed and put on the site, as I would have to list it as not for sale and then do all the work again to put another up in its place so I selected another of my no frills, entry level razor quality stones and a set of Asano Nagura same as I have available here - that have all been checked for use with razors by me before purchasing. I then sent him the stone to try on loan. No strings. Rather than describe this hone, it might be nice to have a different perspective- the perspective of my forum friend who

*picked up one of my razor quality jnats for the first time without prior jnat experience,

*informed by the few pointers I emailed him and

*an existing ability to hone

took to producing the finest edges he'd shaven off of. Needless to say- he didn't return it, he decided he had to purchase it and asked to do so with a whole month still left in the agreed upon time to have it on loan! As I recall, it was only 2 weeks in when he emailed and asked "Okay, what if I don't want to return it- how much for this hone or one like it, if you need it back"  I answered and in less than 2 hours I heard back: "Sold. That sounds very fair.... I am happy with the results" :)  

I wasn't nearly as excited to have sold one of my stones (more a surprised as I felt it was an average stone and I wasn't trying to impress a sale just answer a skeptics questions as to why all the hype of Japanese Whetstones? I am a skeptic myself and the questions is a valid one.) , as I am to have made a friend. I can't say enough good things about Jonathan and how deserving of my trust in loaning my stones to him he proved to be. A true gentleman. I really love these stones and the experiences and people and stories that come with a natural stone. 


*These pictures are not color checker calibrated as they were taken by my friend jonathan (who graciously allowed me to use them here) as I did not take pictures for the site before sending it out to him to try. Also are his bevel photos of the BEAUTIFUL edges he was able to get right off the bat with his new Nakayama Razor Hone. This is the bar to be expected of all my razor quality jnats that I select for razors to shave from. (not the lower grit bevel setters or prefinishers- look for a shave review or ask me for clarification) 

"I wasnt sure how to start. I had been shaving factory edge for a year. Bevel set Chosera 1K, 5K
and then went to Nakayama Mizu Asagi Tomae. and then just boton slurry to dilution and got to scary sharp. Different than any other hones I have used.
Next day I killed another edge and tried it from boton,Tenjyou hard to get a slurry from that one, and lastly used mejiro.
Yes I had to refer to his notes to get all the terms correct. But I am learning."

"So with this set up, bevel set to finish I didnt see striations. Is this normal for jnats?
It is sharper and I have been able to get with my Zulu or PHIG, keener may be a better term.
[my username] sent me hone crack with this set up and now I cant stop the madness."


My 'professional' opinion/ response:

"Yes, this normal for my razor quality Japanese Whetstones. Wow those are beautiful bevels man and great photos!! The top bevel looks especially nice and fuzzy. I can tell from your bevel photos that there is a skilled hand putting steel to the stone, and I'm ecstatic to see you getting on so well. Even the best Japanese Whetstones are still only rocks without a skilled hand. Hone On!" 





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