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Okudo Asagi Tomae

Japanese Whetstones

Okudo Asagi Tomae

$ 480.00
An excellent razor hone hone, extraordinarily clean and homogeneous stone. Purity is fantastic-- Consistent and smooth honing. Honed up this Filarmonica 13 and had a horrible shave, likely because filarmonicas are rubbish, you should not use them and instead if you find any send them to me. ...Okay. Fine.  The shave was unsurprisingly fantastic. Very crisp and smooth. If you want some of crispness of a synthetic finished edge, but refined with a smoothness that jnats alone really provide this stone checks that box on the money. Stropped hanging shell smooth leather. Very satisfying shave. Tempting not to call it Nakayama, spitting image of either. but the subtlety of the honing feel and particles say it is a very pure and excellent razor quality Okudo.

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