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Ozaki Kamisori Hybrid Mizu Asagi Tomae- Lv 5+

Japanese Whetstones

Ozaki Kamisori Hybrid Mizu Asagi Tomae- Lv 5+

$ 360.00

Very very dense, and smooth and pretty fast (speed is important to me in ranking my stones). Very very consistent grain with light toasted kan edges that are both beautiful and more importantly uniform. From the famous Ozaki mine of the higashi Mono, a mine that has been closed since the 1920's. 

The particle structure is very smooth and the stone hard, yet with some pressure on a kamisori the slightest amount of togidoro (stone slurry mixed with steel fines) is created with each circle or lap. It isn't dead like some super hard stones, nor is it slow but in little time (within 20 laps) the edge is left mirror polished and the edge is blistering sharp with HHT4 and smooth shaves directly off this stone. Lightening up to do 20 more and you will have more of a whisker squeegee than a razor as the hair feels like it was precut in the lather and your just wiping it from your face with a super keen razor. BBS shaves and fast results are the hallmarks of this toishi. 

Very excellent shaves with a Vintage MK CV Heljestrand and a Kamisori finished on this hone. 


I did manage to get the smallest ding less than .5 mm in surface, and I don't remember how or care as it doesn't affect my finishing, the edge glide right past it. So I wouldn't lap it down and disturb the polish of the surface unless it bothers you. It is located in the center of the left 1/4 of the stone in pic 2.


Other than that, it is perfectly flat and edges beveled, and corners rounded, polished and all sides sealed to protect this toishi for many more years of quality shaves.




Max Size:
Length- 185 mm
Width-  77.5 mm
Thickness-  24.1mm

Toishi - 686 grams (about 1 1/2 Pounds) 

Range for Razors:

Legend: " + " = yes  |" - " = no | " / " = yes for kamisori, but only with nagura for western straights. | " DN " = With Diamond Nagura , " AN " = with asano nagura 

Sharpening: +, DN, AN

Prefinishing: +++, DN

finishing: ++++, DN

polishing: ++



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