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Shoubudani Asagi Lv 5-

Japanese Whetstones

Shoubudani Asagi Lv 5-

$ 50.00

A great starter hone for  Razor Honing, polishing on harder Jnats.

 Hardness Lv 5

Beautiful Grey Asagi

Also with Satisfaction guaranteed 14 days to return for full refund (you pay shipping)

This Shoubu barber's Toishi is very clean and a very smooth hone than is fully capable of a fully polished edge and smooth shaves. From the Namito strata (layer) of Shoubudani mine, a true honyama as it shares the mountain with Nakayama mine. This one is a vintage Shoubudani that belonged to a barber in Japan. Beautiful Shoubudani Kawa skin on side. This is not a newer one or the Type 100 cutoff you find floating around the internet  that are prone to being riddled with inclusions. (they were cutoffs for a good reason) I can get *those* for less than $8 usd in Japan as they are essentially useless. Which is why I don't.This is also much larger and an easier, more comfortable size to use. I don't recommend polishing a straight edge razor on a very hard stone or orientation where you cannot place all or at least almost all of the edge of the surface while polishing. 


This Shobu has been lapped perfectly flat and all edges and corners smoothed and rounded by me, it is ready to go. You will not incur waste in the thickness from lapping when you receive it. Only thing needed, is its surface could be more polished- this will come naturally with use of nagura and honing. I suggest Koma or a tomo nagura with this hone though a #1200 DN will work, it just may take more time and skill  honing breaking down the slurry and smoothing the surface, for a savings of time on making slurry. It's a tradeoff. Can be used with water only with patience if the blade is finished and only needs final polishing.


Max Size:
Length- 186.8 mm
Width- 70.8 mm (consistent: 69mm at the 'narrow' end. 49mm at the taper) 
Thickness- 15.9 mm

Toishi - 402 g


*This is good old stock, free of toxic inclusions or lines. Smooth. Consistent.  Not bottom of the barrell. Very important when honing razors. A very hard stone filled with toxic inclusions is a very useless stone.

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