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Takashima Kiita Razor Hone Lv 5+

Japanese Whetstones

Takashima Kiita Razor Hone Lv 5+

$ 360.00 $ 380.00

In Shiga prefecture I purchased this among a few dozen stones by kutsuki from old stock of a stone wholesaler. This Takashima kiita is very nice and excellent for razors. The first thing you might notice is the beautiful full thickness kawa all the way around, it looks very similar to Nakayama, and many confuse these stones for Nakayama and others, because they look so similar and handle similar in quality- but the feel is noticeably different if you know your particles. This stone is a very fast kiita finisher for razors, but the particles are not as soft as Nakayama. One of the things I love about natural stones is this variety, the multitude of ways that nature has found to create perfection. So many different honing feels and 'stone palettes' -many aspiring and achieving perfection in the destination with different paths taken to get there! Also: the kawa lacks the crystals and a few highlights that Nakayama mined stones have


It is a very nice and very fast with slurry kiita hone from a rarer mine, you don't see a lot of stones from, well you don't see a lot of stones properly identified and sold as such at least. An eastern kyoto mining district north of nakayama, and ozuku. Still in the Hon-Kuchi Naori with its finer particles.  This is a very nice kiita that gives fantastic edges and shaves at a great price. A gem of a stone. Great golden kiita glow, and the togidoro (stone slurry mixing with iron swarf) is fast to the polish. Works best with a broken in DMT Diamond Nagura (I will be carrying these soon) or an Atoma #1200 (available here) to create the slurry- then it's a rocket. 


Lines are non toxic kesuji, naturally formed lines that are not cracks and do not harm the blade or negatively impact honing.  


Max Size: 
Length- 183.1
Width-  67.8mm - 59mm (wide end, tapered and)
Thickness- 16.5


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