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Nakayama Kiita - PERFECT Razor hone- Lv 5 ~ Private Reserve

Japanese Whetstones

Nakayama Kiita - PERFECT Razor hone- Lv 5 ~ Private Reserve

$ 1,480.00 $ 2,400.00

From my private reserve of Kiita. Why? Because so many are curious and asking about razor quality kiita and one stone hone progressions. This is a perfect example of a single perfect razor quality gold kiita stone. I can bevel set on it, or another bevel setter if I prefer, and jump to this hone and with an atoma #1200 Slurry of the perfect yellow kiita quickly transform a bevel to a sharp refined edge removing deep scratches, to a kasumi hazy finish all the way to a perfect mirror polish with a holographic kasumi finish contrast on the softer iron body, as in Picture 6.

Perfect particles, consistency and very stable and consistent thickness slab of the best razor kiita, a lustful layer, very sparse that was depleted and exhausted by the 1920's. This will not only replace an entire progression of hones- it will best the finish of any escher, coticule or synthetic like the gok 20k, and the SG30k. Edges are whisker devastating, face coddling refined sharp and smoooth. It is very relaxing and satisfying- without compare, to hone in this manner and this is why I love my razor kiita and iromono above all else and will usually hone a razor entirely on 1 or 2 stones, despite my options. The perfect razor hone and a stupid cheap price comparing the size, purity, honing quality, value and shave quality of this perfect razor kiita to other regarded stones such as a Barber's Delight escher and the prices of those.

Slurry darkens very quickly and is able to do the heavy lifting all the way to the flawless finish. Use with Atoma #1200. Do not buy my kiita if you do not intend to take the time to leave a review when you shave off of it. I love this stone. 



Max Size:
Length- 188.5 mm
Width- 63.4 mm
Thickness- 19.04 mm

Perfect Nakayama Kiita one stone  razor hone -  520 Grams ( 1 Pound 2.3 Ounces)

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