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Ozuku Kiita Iromono Rainbow Lv 5+

Japanese Whetstones

Ozuku Kiita Iromono Rainbow Lv 5+

$ 230.00 $ 280.00

Beautiful Stone. It is Kiita with iromono coloration which is VERY rare (outside of my collection) and are the typically the best stones for honing (Kiita and Iro Tomae). Makes a rainbow going from reds to brownish pink to red yellow  blue green pink and red. Perfect Hand hone or mounted in a toishi dai on the bench. Spectacular razor hone. Very nice size, wider tan any razor. Very smooth shaves off this stone. 



Max Size: 
Length- 148.7 mm
Width- 85.3 mm
Thickness- 14 mm

Mass: 346 Grams

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