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Ozuku kiita Lv 5+

Japanese Whetstones

Ozuku kiita Lv 5+

$ 395.00

Rare kiita color for Ozuku

Over a Kilogram

An excellent finisher and polisher for razors that doesn't take forever to show rewards thanks to its rare kiita properties and coloration. This is a vintage barber's toishi of Ozuku Kiita that was likely mined in the Showa period and slabbed up in the 50s or 60's. It has subtle Nashi-ji (pear skin) coloration pattern on Kiita with extremely fine goma(sesame seed), evenly diffused.

I usually personally don't like goma, though in this case I find it non invasive and does not keep the sharpener from getting perfectly polished bevels. Though the value of this toishi is lower in my opinion because of the goma than it would otherwise be if it were just kiita colored, and I have reduced the price substantially because of this. With a light slurry this large ozuku is fantastic, and is fast with varied pressure and stroke pattern determining how fast, and yet finishes to mirror on water. 


I finished a vintage mk cv heljestrand on this large ozuku for its last shave test and achieved a perfect polish, easily and fast with 40 laps, 15 on slurry diluted to finish 25 laps. I prefer to finish with a very sparse and dilute slurry on this ozuku, not 100% fresh water and rinse- your methods and preferences may differ. Only for razors. I feel this toishi is too hard for tools.



Max Size:
Length- 210.3 mm
Width- 76.3 mm
Thickness- 35 mm

Ozuku Kiita Toishi- 1153 g

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