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Asano Koma Nagura - 115 Grams

Japanese Whetstones

Asano Koma Nagura - 115 Grams

$ 72.00

*UPDATE I have now sealed and protected the Asano Stamp on this prized , RARE Asano Yae Botan koppa  with clear (translucent yellow) Urushi, to preserve them from fading or being lost to water on your hands while honing. 

 The finest of Asano Mikawa Nagura for razors and swords and razor sharp edges of the finest blades, a grading that exists because of the greatest razor maker ever- Iwasaki, championed by Iwasaki and Geologist Dr. Asano, asano nagura was a certification to select, grade and verify the very best of Mikawa nagura for the benefit of edges honed with these stones.

Used by lightly rubbing across the entire wet hone, until a milky white slurry builds, about the consistency of 2% milk. You then hone on the slurry as it breaks down and refines itself finer and finer, as does it to the edge it is refining. A very fine finish, to be followed with the finishing stone and plain water.  

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