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Nakayama Iro Tomae Lv 5

Japanese Whetstones

Nakayama Iro Tomae Lv 5

$ 285.00

Update: 12/4 In picking this stone up again to take measurements, I finished a vintage dorko on it and could find no issue with goma pattern with a western straight razor.Also, the glittery crystals in the kawa point to Nakayama over honyamas other mine- shobu And it does have some iro coloring in this tomae! 


This vintage barber's hone delivers very comfortable shaves. I want you to be at least a novice with honing on J-nats before purchasing this hone please, because it does have Extremely fine goma (sesame seed) and this pattern, though liked by some, is I feel a fault except for in cases where is extremely fine and evenly diffused. It can be disconcerting with the honing feedback when the edge crosses some spots, and with this hone I find it's usually a matter of a bevel that is not yet smooth. My successful test procedure with this hone was:

I took a yasuki steel kamisori that needed sharpening. on slurry (it helps to smooth the edge and ride over a pattern) for 25 laps, 10 laps on smooth leather strop (linen may be better suited), 20 laps on water, 20 laps on smooth strop, 20 laps on water and 20 laps on smooth leather strop. To test I dry shaved stubble from one half of my face, smooth, close and comfortably. I'm not particularly fond of the HHT test, though I use it: it's shave quality and feel on the face in relation to how it manages hair. I find a great test that can be done at the hone, when you feel you're truly done is to dry shave. I've found that a razor that will shave smooth and close dry with no pulling or irritation as it slides over your skin WTG is a razor is one that will shave close and comfortable ATG with face prep. This is now a very sharp and smooth razor. You can see some of the whiskers from the dry shave test in the last pic on the blade.

.Price is low because of undercut side angle as shown in pictures.

Max Size:
Length- 209.6 mm
Width- 58.1 mm
Thickness- 32.9 mm

Nakayama Iro Tomae Japanese Natural razor stone

Toishi only-  838 grams -- Over 1 pound 13 ounces

Toishi Dai only- 109 Grams


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