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Nakayama Asagi Lime Iromono Lv5+ Razor Finisher With Wood Toishi Dai

Japanese Whetstones

Nakayama Asagi Lime Iromono Lv5+ Razor Finisher With Wood Toishi Dai

$ 880.00 $ 1,800.00

An exceptional razor stone for finishing razors, or used with DIamond Nagura or Asano Nagura to sharpen and finish at a great price. Exceptionally smooth and comfortable shaves and HHT5 edges. One side is undercut at a 45, about 1.25 inches in that and the fact that it's a 3 corner stone are why the price is so low. A very rare and sought after stone which produces exceptional edges. Beautiful Lime green/yellow color with pink iromono coloring toasting the edges. Sides and wooden toishi dai are already sealed in urushi to protect this stone from water damage. Something that should be done to all stones you want to protect. A very clean and consistent and beautiful stone.  

Last picture shown wet.

Line by corner is not a crack or toxic it is Namazu (safe non toxic inclusion were a line is filled in with softer particles that do not harm honing- they are strictly aesthetic and very common in nakayama stone) 


Max Size:
Length- 200.1 mm
Width- 76.65 mm
Thickness- at least 25.94 mm (it's recessed into the carved toishi dai (base)) 




Range for Razors:

Legend: " + " = yes  |" - " = no | " / " = yes for kamisori, but only with nagura for western straights. 

Sharpening-  / 

Prefinishing- ++

finishing- +++

polishing- ++

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