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Nakayama 'Tiger' Mokume Namazu Suita Lv 4- Natural Japanese Sharpening Stone

Japanese Whetstones

Nakayama 'Tiger' Mokume Namazu Suita Lv 4-

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Rare and collectable suita layer Japanese natural stone from the most famous mine of the Higashi Mono: Nakayama closed in 1967

This perfect suita for honing chef knives and carpenters planes is very fine. No toxic inclusions for knives and very soft fine suita abrasive particles for a fast and very sharp finish. This Jnat has a beautiful Mokume Tiger Striped pattern- very unique. The pockets are cause by gases and radiolaria organisms from millions of years ago, where these natural whetstones formed on the ocean floor, they are called "su" and are a common trademark of suita layer tennen toishi- they aid the sharpening process by acting like wells that collect and store the togidoro (stone abrasive slurry, and water and iron fines that have been honed off) which all act together to speed sharpening as the blade travels over, the suction sends these suspended abrasive particles into a whirlpool where they polish the edge and feed it more abrasive particles on its trip across the stones face. The white lines are very common in Nakayama stone, and are natural safe inclusions of particles softer than the stone, so they do not scratch the blade or hurt sharpening in anyway. 


A rare specimen. It delivers a very nice dark Kasumi contrast to the softer iron Jigane with ease. A very easy Japanese natural stone to use and a very sharp edge. Very consistent throughout. One naturally undercut corner as shown with kawa (natural skin of the stone formation)

Max Size:
Length- 187.5 mm
Width- 63.9 mm 
Thickness-  25.3 mm  

(1 inch = 25.4 mm)

Mass:  648 Grams ( about 1pounds 7 ounces)

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