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Asano Atsu Nagura Hone- Sword Grade 684 Grams - RARE

Japanese Whetstones

Asano Atsu Nagura Hone- Sword Grade 684 Grams - RARE

$ 460.00

This atsu hone is a one and half pound slab of rare sword grade Asano Nagura. Atsu is stronger than even Ban- but it refines out much quicker than Ban or Botan to transform from cutting to burnishing. For swords polishing and developing the base which will begin to reveal the Hamon. Preparation of the steel and final geometry refinements are done with atsu before polish. Also used in nugui powder sometimes. Proper blade preparation is vital before the Hadori can be polished and full contrast achieved.  Can be used for sharpening, I've even used Atsu to set razor bevels.  I have sealed and protected the asno stamps on this rare piece of Sword Grade Atsu with traditional clear Urushi Lacquer, as pictured. 

Max Size:
Length- 177.72 mm 
Width- 59.2 mm
Thickness- 49.69 mm

Swords Grade Asano Atsu Nagura Hone - 684 Grams (Over one and half Pounds) 

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