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Nakayama Striped Kan Asagi Lv 4+

Japanese Whetstones

Nakayama Striped Kan Asagi Lv 4+

$ 500.00

Great Vintage Nakayama Asagi natural stone with full thickness kawa crust!

Perfect for Chef Knives and Tools.

Price is so low for this thick vintage nakayama stone with over 1kg weight because there was 1 tiny inclusion, looks like Fe2O3 (Hematite). Not a big deal. It has never caught an edge, It was always just below the surface-- (it's a hard stone so it wears very slowly). I lapped down 5mm and it looks like it's gone. Only you can decide if it's not a big deal though- your methods and use may vary. If you don't like it you may send this stone back for a refund (you pay shipping of course).

Max Size:
Length- 206.5 mm
Width- 61.8 mm
Thickness- 35.7 mm

Toishi only- 1078g
Toishi Dai only- 108g

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