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Ohira Suita Pink Renge- Lv 4-

Japanese Whetstones

Ohira Suita Pink Renge- Lv 4-

$ 680.00

Awesome final sharpener/ finisher for high end chef knives. Does beautiful kasumi finish and slurry comes easily. Super sharp edge. 

The blue lines are crayola washable artwork by my son, you do not have pay for this priceless artwork- it is provided with the stone gratis. However you will loose his artwork and the stamps when you lap or use it for a bit. 


Max Size:
Length- 194.7 mm
Width- 75.86 mm
Thickness- 26.97 mm

Ohira Suita Pink Renge Natural japanese Hone -  956 grams (4 grams short of 2.2 pounds/ one kilo)

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