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Okudo range Suita with Pink Renge - Lv 4-

Japanese Whetstones

Okudo range Suita with Pink Renge - Lv 4-

$ 585.00

Razor quality Okudo suita, a rare duck with high mirro polishing capabilities in a softer suita. I have shaved kamisori off this suita and beyond HHT5, had very nice shaves. Smooth sharp edges. Finisher for chef knives as well. Softer AND finer. Hardness Lv 4- fines are Lv 5. Some pink and orange renge. 

No hard lines or toxic inclusions, fantastic particles and very beautiful and rare stone. Sides are sealed.

Max Size:
Length- 145.6 mm
Width- 92 mm
Thickness- 28.1 mm

Mass: 782 Grams (1 Pounds 11.6 Ounces)


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