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Hatanaka Toishi Nakayma Asagi Mokume Hone

Japanese Whetstones

Hatanaka Toishi Nakayma Asagi Mokume - Lv 5

$ 175.00

A very collectable stone from Nakayama mine. Mined during the time Nakayama was owned by the Hatanaka family (still is)  though Nakayama mine is long since closed after being exhausted the opening bulldozed shut. Does good things to a razor's steel, though it is stamped and I cannot lap it and fully test it without removing them so the end owner of this Hatanaka family Nakayama Whetstone will have to decide where it fits into their collection. Worse case scenario is that it is a very useful for tools and as a luxury-giant Tomo Nagura that will keep your Nakayama Whetstone flat and polished while creating a pure slurry. A good way to try out Nakayama cheap. Though I am as certain I can be without lapping it that this Jnat will finish a razor well.




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