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Honyama Kiita ~ Lv 5 -Super cheap

Japanese Whetstones

Honyama Kiita ~ Lv 5 -Super cheap

$ 420.00 $ 980.00

A SUPER fast kiita that polishes on water with a ghost touch. High quality kiita hone with 2 flaws that drastically affect price while not managing to negatively impact honing quality of this great stone in a meaningful way that would be expected by the large price reduction. 

**** Preamble about the flaws that are critically discussed within the honing review of this stone and the thorough disclosure of traits and flaws of the Natural Stone***

The wire is likely toxic, in that it is harder than the stone- meaning if the stone abrades at a faster rate (being softer) and the wire sits proud of the honing surface- it may scratch or chip a razor's edge- though it is a hair and very even, thinner and finer than one of the hairs on my head- most call these non toxic, and from my experience, this describes the wire on this stone.And yet- this could change and I take my duty in accurately describing and recommending best use for my stones VERY seriously.  

As such, I would highly recommend  purchase of this stone for razors and even finishing knives, provided you go in knowing/expecting that:

*It should hone without toxic interference of the thin wire (which is not engraved) as you receive it

*Though it does not interfere, this could change over time, so be prepared to have to engrave the stone (engrave is to use a tool to excavate or wear a stone slightly more in a problem area so that it lies lower than the rest of the stone and the blade passes over without interference.) My prefered method is a diamond wheel or diamond durr tool in a dremel rotary tool and a "wash bottle" or other light stream of water feeding the cutting head when on my few stones in my collection that I've had to shape or smooth areas, or engrave. -this would be my number one recommended way, and I can show you how if ever the need occurs. 

*Know that the stone has been repaired, as it broke cleanly at the wire. I did not do this repair, and I was unsure if it had been done at all, but after careful inspection of the stone and deliberation I've concluded it has been, in what is- the finest repair I've ever seen. 


That is the most you should expect as far as purchasing this brilliant stone- I do not want to let my expectations cloud objectivity. Now, having established what should be the objectivity of purchase decision- My expert opinion is- I don't expect that the wire should ever become toxic, or problematic. It is a fine line, pun unintentional between innocuous and toxic and this is close, as such I don't want to claim it will always be fine. As a piece in my collection though, I don't ever expect it to trouble me. The repair, less opinion and more objectively I can say: I don't expect to ever fail. Even remotely. It is a very very skillful and impressive repair and I only wish I could repair stones as this stone handler has on this toishi. It is so expert and its location so luckily blended with the line that it is hard to determine if it is a repair even when you know to look for it. In short- It is a miraculous stone as long as you know what its strengths and flaws are going in, and there are no surprises. I want you to be pleasantly surprised and overjoyed with your purchase, as always- never disappointed or let down. Plan for the worst, and hope for the best- I feel with this stone that you will get the best, but I cannot quantify the exact extent to which these flaws will affect you and your appreciation of this stone- so we will overstate the flaws and possible impact and that way there can be no disappointment. 

As such, this is a very very high quality and rare stone- the layers which yielded sparse kiita deposits were depleted in the 1920's. And the quality of the stone and particles is very high. This is a very expensive stone with 2 flaws, one which should never be a problem: the repair, and the other, which isn't a problem, but *could* possibly require minimal, light engraving in the future for razors: the line. These drastically reduce the value without impacting the honing quality in a meaningful way. A truly fantastic deal, and a stone I love honing on more every time I pull it from my shelves. 

As always, my stones are all guaranteed to be 100% to your satisfaction, even a stone as described, with no problems, that you just "don't love" you may send back with within 14-days undamaged and unchanged, as it was received and request exchange. You only pay shipping. I love the stones in my collection and you will too, and I strive to place the right stone with the right custodian who will be compatible with their hone.  



Though I never had a problem with it as the angle is slanted to the edge of the blade. If you came up on it parallel with your edge- you get feedback. ALSO: The line is head scratchingly the single luckiest break (aside from the price) and fix I've seen on this killer kiita. It looks like just a natural line, and it is- but it's also a point where this toishi was snapped (maybe hit the floor) and repaired and so flawlessly, that you would likely never notice or not for a very long time if it wasn't pointed out to you. It was repaired and glued to this toishi dai before I purchased it and the seam isn't any larger than the line- the only way I know is because on the sides (not where you hone) it is noticeable where a side is a hair taller on one side, and a hair narrower on the other, and there is the faintest finger smudge of clear sheen on the sides on the line- like wiping excess glue. Look at the pictures, they tell it all.


This stone is killer for everything and if the line is a problem for your razor (I don't see how it could be problem for other blades) : just engrave ( as I said I use a dremel and a diamond wheel for these types with a wash bottle to deliver a stream of water myself- also you can use a diamond plate, or a needle, tip of a nail, spine of a kitchen blade rubbed back and forth over a line with pressure.. to scratch it out or rub it too wear just slightly below the surface of the hone so your blade glides over much like it does with  Su (holes/pockets in a Suita) - Even if you just used the larger portion and never bothered to cross the line- there's nearly 6" of clean honing runway below it. none of the other inclusions are toxic. Kiitas like this are great for all blades. ( one of the big reasons they're usually so expensive if they can be found/ and are so rare, along with the thin layers of the Hon Kuchi Naori that had this most revered quality yellow stone depleted in the 1920's)


Shaves off this stone are every bit as comfortable and enjoyable as the honing of blades is on this kiita. HHT4/5 easily, very keen and more importantly for shave quality and comfort with WTG, XTG, and ATG passes without any irritation- very smooth refined edges. 

It's a steal, and I'm more interested in the happy review and happy customer than I am in selling this stone. 



Max Size:
Length- 212.6 mm
Width- 52 mm
Thickness- 34.4 mm

Honyama Kiita with Toishi Dai base-  1160 grams -- Over 2 and half pounds


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