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Shobudani Asagi Lv 5-

Japanese Whetstones

Shobudani Asagi Lv 5-

$ 910.00

This is old stock Shobudani, the other mine in the same mountain as Nakayama and one of the infamous Higashi Mono (or eastern stones) in the Hon-Kuchi Naori deposit. It is a Lv 5-, nice softer stone with a lot of power to finish, very nice. Kiita like. It shreads steel into the togidoro (stone slurry and iron schwarf mixture made while honing) like outstanding kiita to get you quickly to a polished finish. I am very impressed with the quality of the particles in terms of speed, which is most important with finish- how keen/how smooth. HHT4/5 results are very easy on this stone, and the shaves are very smooth and comfortable.

 *UPDATE I have now sealed and protected the sides and stamp on this prized hone with clear (translucent yellow) Urushi, to preserve and protect it from water and the stamp from fading or being lost to water. 

Because of it's slightly softer side and ability to cut fast it would also work well for planes and finishing chef knives, if you desire a fine particle finish. 


There are no toxic inclusions, though the line on the tiny corner is a kawa line, the skin naturally forms within at a 45 degree. It doesn't feel anything less than steadfast, which is great- though if it could come off, it would make a nice little Tomo Nagura for the hone. It exits out the side around half way down. Very small, and never troubled my razors. 


Comes with wooden Toishi Dai 

Works fantastic with its own slurry from  #1200 Diamond Nagura - ask if you need this


Max Size of Natural Japanese Hone:
Length- 206.4 mm
Width- 75.5 mm
Thickness- 38.95 mm (at least- it is recessed into the carved toishi dai) 

Shobudani Asagi Natural Japanese Stone hone with Toishi Dai -

Range for Razors:

Legend: " + " = yes  |" - " = no | " / " = yes for kamisori, but only with nagura for western straights. | " DN " = With Diamond Nagura , " AN " = with asano nagura 

Sharpening: ++, DN, AN

Prefinishing: ++++, DN

finishing: +++, DN

polishing: ++, DN

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