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Sword Grade Kouzaki Blue Aoto -Rare Fast

Japanese Whetstones

Sword Grade Kouzaki Blue Aoto -Rare Fast

$ 475.00 $ 580.00

One of the most consistent Kouzaki Aotos I've released from my collection and far and away- the fastest. Speed and finish are king and this one is consistent enough for bevel setting razors and very fast at setting the blade geometry and preparing for finish on any blade you throw at it, and leaving a very sharp and fine toothy edge on knives. Really good for resetting the bevel flat and prepped for finishing/polishing on swords and chef knives or setting bevels on razors. 2 white namazu type lines that are non toxic- filled in with softer particles by nature, they don't harm the edge. One red line that is also non toxic. Zero cracks. Sealed and protected on all sides and bottom with traditional clear Urushi. 

Max Size:
Length- 192
Width- 56.6 mm
Thickness- 74.96 mm

Swords Grade Kouzaki Blue Aoto - 1,789 Grams (3 pounds 15.1 ounces) 

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