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Ozuku? Light Karasu Tenjyou shiro Suita Lv 4   Vintage Barbers hone

Japanese Whetstones

Ozuku? Light Karasu Tenjyou shiro Suita Lv 4 Vintage Barbers hone

$ 380.00

Tenjyou Suita layer, more precisely shiro suita in the tenjyou stratum. Ozuku Mine?- Most probably. could also be Ohira Mine from looks colors- but honing feel and finish are the most indicative and this is somewhat denser and much finer particles and finish with less haze. Semi mirro polish easy and very very smooth edges.  A very easy stone to use and a stone you could easily shave off. Buttery smooth HHT4/5 edge comes super easy with this soft fine stone.  

I use both Ohira suita and Ozuku in some of my natural stone progressions for razors. There is one line diagonal that I don't care for its presence, 8mm parallel there is another shown from the back but it has not appeared on the honing surface.. It has never been toxic to my blades and is thin and rust colored, not reflective- a good thing. It could become toxic, *if* it does- send it back anytime in the next 2 years in one piece for full refund. A razor stone should not have toxic lines, and you should buy in confidence that the stones I list for razors are razor quality.   

I use an old kamisori with my thumb in the concave of the ura side, (wide bevel down/writing up) I apply a little pressure and with small concentric circles, tracing a spring across the hone surface I bring up more than enough slurry to hone any razor. Add water and dilute to the end on plain water. A very unique honing and shave experience and very unique light karasu pattern. Karasu or "flock of crows" is the distinction of rare patterning that is highly sought after, where like in this stone here it looks like a flock of crows silhouetted against the sky. It is thin and rare that layers of Karasu formed and were found before depletion and this pattern is typically comprised of black mica which some claim aids in sharpening abilities and is highly sought after in japan. The pattern can usually be too scratchy for fine blades like razors, so razor quality is super rare and the softer diffused karasu pattern specimens are highly prized, and far rarer than even karasu. In Japan it is not uncommon for large poor quality karasu stone to go for stupid prices- I don't buy these. I look for honing quality and buy whatever stone it is that has the best honing qualities.   


14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee of all stones + 2 years warranty of inclusions- should they (the lines) become toxic, I will take it back. :) 

Hardness: Level 4

Fines: Level -5


Max Size:
Length- 198.6
Width- 71.1mm
Thickness- 12.3mm (more, but 12.3 is the most typical thickness measured)

Toishi only - 404 g

Range for Razors:

Legend: " + " = yes  |" - " = no | " / " = yes for kamisori, but only with nagura for western straights. | " DN " = With Diamond Nagura , " AN " = with asano nagura 

Sharpening: ++, DN 

Prefinishing: ++++, DN

finishing: ++,DN

polishing: -

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