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Okudo Renge Suita Lv 4+

Japanese Whetstones

Okudo Renge Suita Lv 4+

$ 420.00

Wow! Fast cutter. Black iron swarf in no time!

An Excellent suita for very little money. It cuts like okudo, VERY fast and smooth.  The stone dealer I purchased this suita from believed it was shinden, but it cuts and feels like okudo and looks like okudo. As shakespeare said: "A rose by any other name would still quack like a duck" I'm paraphrasing and he was believed to partake in opium so who knows what his meaning was...  

Either way this stone, like most all my stones is priced on honing feel and quality not the name of the mine- and The back iron swarf pictured was done in one minute with only generous water and firm pressure to my kana blade. No diamond nagura or tomo was needed, and with them it would be even faster.

This suita is very clean as well, almost clean and smooth enough for razors. Almost. In testing with a nicked edge kamisori I had that needed a fresh bevel, it was working flawlessly for 4 minutes when I encountered a tiny new nick at the razors edge. This could have been because for that test, I left the heavy slurry generated from my diamond plate after freshly lapping the toishi. Could be. I don't know, and I didn't to find out one way or the other. I scrubbed and washed/rinsed the toishi meticulously and honed a kitchen knife, a chisel and a kana (plane). All worked perfectly. I highly recommend this suita for chef knives, chisels, and planes. It's very rare for a suita to be clean and uniform enough for razors as well, and this one is very close- but for razors It's not ready for prime time.   


I have lapped this toishi's top flat and true and corners and edges rounded. As with all toishi, I recommend that you see to it that the sides and bottom are properly sealed in clear lacquer or urushi to prevent cracking. If you wish to see the sides, kawa (skin) or stamps on a particular toishi or area then you can use clear lacquer (like shellac).   

Max Size:
Length- 161 mm
Width- 85 mm 
Thickness- 27.5 mm

Mass: 749 g

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