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Okudo Suita Pink Momiji Renge  ~Lv 5-

Japanese Whetstones

Okudo Suita Pink Momiji Renge ~Lv 5-

$ 675.00

King suita himself. From Okudo mine this is an old piece of rare suita, with beautiful pink momiji. Momiji color goes consistent through. I do chisels, planes, and chef knives on this one. It's super fine and fast, and it does awesome kasumi contrast.

Very tough stone, and it's a pain in the ass to lap, but the positive is that means it takes a long time to dish. I have lapped this one mostly flat (the center corners have the slightest 5mm shoulder that's 2mm lower at the edges. I couldn't lap it any more, and it would be a waste of suita (and diamond plate as okudo is tough stuff) to grind 2 mm more off for such small area, you'l get there with use) all corners are rounded.

I also set bevels for razors on this with slurry (not recommended for main use, it's a skill)  


Nothing else to say, it's fantastic suita. Not too hard or soft, a very aggressive fine cutter.  Perfect gift for Woodworkers, Chef, sharpener or Jnat collector. 


Max Size:
Length-196.3 mm
Width- 72.8 mm
Thickness- 22.9 mm

Okudo Suita Renge Pink Momiji - 735 g (over 1 1/2 lbs)

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