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Shinden Lv 3+

Japanese Whetstones

Shinden Lv 3+

$ 650.00

So beautiful. Very clean and fine for its hardness, this is old stock shinden with sen (rock chisel) marks from being worked at the mine by hand. It is beautiful, and VERY smooth with great tactile hone feel. I really enjoyed honing this Kamisori on it, though the few small Su (pores that speed sharpening, they fill with slurry and iron fines (the two together from sharpening are called togidoro) and they rotate about and feed the edge as it passes over with sharpening aiding abrasive particles)) -- would have to be very clean with water and scrub brush each time to ensure there is not larger particles left in there for it to be used on a razor.

So I will not suggest it for razors, it is a perfect stone for kitchen chef knives and blades or tools. Very very good feel and beautiful dark kasumi contrast on steels leaving a VERY sharp edge on this single bevel blade. Everything you could want. Comes in the stone dealers box I purchased it in. It is consistent throughout, square with all corners and no toxic inclusions. Beautiful stone from a famous old mine: Shinden. 


Shinden Lv 3+ Japanese Natural Sharpening Stone 

Max Size:
Length- 206.7 mm
Width- 79.1 mm 
Thickness-  28.5 mm  

(1 inch = 25.4 mm)

Mass:  1104 Grams (2 pounds 7 ounces)

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