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Asano Ban Nagura hone ~ 242g

Japanese Whetstones

Asano Ban Nagura hone ~ 242g

$ 185.00

Large Flat. VERY rare.  Can hone on the Nagura, or use to keep your prized toishi flat much longer in between lappings. rare for such useable flat shape and size and ban is very rare and hard to get in the first place. More than Koma. Much better value per gram than odd shapes. 


This Asano Ban Nagura has a very distinct and beautiful sumanigashi pattern. This pattern I find in the best nagura. Very good at aggressive yet fairly fine cutting. Good for setting razor bevels.  Wetted in one pic to show coloring. Razor shown for frame of reference. 


Max Size:
Length- 189.1 mm
Width- 44.3 mm
Thickness- 19.5 mm

Asano Ban Nagura - 242 g

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