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Blue Aoto Big- RARE 2kg!

Japanese Whetstones

Blue Aoto Big- RARE 2kg!

$ 300.00

2kg Razor Quality brick of genuine Blue Aoto from Kouzaki mine. 2-5k range, though this one is very pure and could be maybe 6k or more on slurry at top of range.

Impossible to find now, this Aoto (and a couple dozen more... there's a reason for my madness) was purchased at a Sanjo workshop event over a decade ago. Many I had not used since purchasing (this is not one, I've used this one many times), instead stashed them and used sparingly for my finest blades (Planes, Knives, Chisels, razors, swords) in jnat progressions or to remove 6k/8k shapton glass scratches from bevel for when I want to truly heal the blade and bevel steel of sharpening damage and not spend hours.

Very very useful and rare to find blue aoto and not a substitute "aoto". This ones sides and bottom are already sealed to prevent cracking. They are depleted and because they are a low-mid grit that doesn't damage steel like synthetics they are required by smiths, carpenters and professional polishers/ sharpeners. Therefore as they were rare then, the last were being stockpiled by professionals who need to use them everyday. A softer stone with high use by a professional is when one stone doesn't last a lifetime. (you can see why I bought so many and used them sparingly)  

Will need to be flattened if you are doing razor bevels, though should be flattened anyways.



Collectable and very rare 4.35 Pound Aoto

For Professionals: Carpenter, Chef, Sharpener/polisher, sword, Razor.

2-5k (perhaps 6k on slurry) for erasing sharpening damage of synthetics and going to pre finisher on razors. Excellent on chef knives, Planes, chisels, Sword, and I've used this one on razors. 



Max Size:
Length- 214.6 mm
Width- 64.3 mm
Thickness- 63.3 mm

Blue Aoto - 1,976 g

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