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Nakayama Hatanaka Toishi Maruka Kiita Iromono ~Lv 5-

Japanese Whetstones

Nakayama Hatanaka Toishi Maruka Kiita Iromono ~Lv 5-

$ 250.00

Big Things in a small hand hone package.


Kiita Iromono with Hatanaka family (owners of Nakayama mine) copyright stamp. A very beautiful and very capable hand hone. I touched the razor to steel as the 8 second timer began to beep. Stopped, pressed the button again and in under 16 seconds elapsed honing time with moderate pressure to the kamisori I had cleanly cut the iron swarf pictured. This is a beautiful stone and a fantastic hone for hand honing as well as tomo nagura to release kiita particles on your honing surface slurry or as way to try a iromono kiita from nakayama for under a grand. Kiita and Iromono are regarded by many stone buyers collectors and dealers and polisher- the best natural stones. They are so highly coveted and sought after that prices are sky high on these rare stones that haven't been mined since before WWI around the 1920's when the kiita seams were depleted.  You will rarely see one outside of mine collection, and some people outside of Japan are under the impression that they're for looks, or that they don't make good hones. Sad and hysterical, as they're so rare the only ones that likely pop up are low quality- tennen toishi are practical gemstones and like all gemstones- color cut and clarity, except these aren't just for looks. I favor these two above all else and my collection has been focused on finding and selecting the best of these over any other stone. 


Very smooth and powerful. Has a very faint thin Atarazuno hari (safe-reflective needle pattern) parallel the cut corner, and another even fainter across the hatanaka stamp. I honed a Kamisori on this fine with absolutely no feedback, and it SHOULD therefore remain safe for razors, but I cannot control stones characteristics, only observe them. This should not scare you, I am 'overly' honest/ critical of my stones. I won't hype them, and I look for anything that could possibly sour someones perception of a stone and disclose what I find. This needle pattern needs to be held in the right angle under light just to observe and is less width than one of my hairs, I find kan and goma patterns are typically much more invasive (though there are clean examples of those as well). A very nice stone. 


 You have 14 days after receiving this toishi to try it and make sure it is acceptable for your use or do an exchange. You pay only shipping.  


Max Size:
Length- 110 mm
Width- 71.1 mm
Thickness- 31 mm

Hatanaka Kiita Iromono (Nakayama)-  461 grams -- Over a pound


Range for Razors:

Legend: " + " = yes  |" - " = no | " / " = yes for kamisori, but only with nagura for western straights. | " DN " = With Diamond Nagura , " AN " = with asano nagura 

Sharpening-  ++, DN , AN

Prefinishing- +++, DN

finishing- ++++, DN

polishing- +++


Not Maruka stamp, but Hatanaka family's trademark stamp, as on hatahoshi stones sold at tanaka toishi the family store. They own the Maruka stamp as well. 

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