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Nakayama Kiita NashiJi Koppa Lv 4+ ~Private Reserve

Japanese Whetstones

Nakayama Kiita NashiJi Koppa Lv 4+ ~Private Reserve

$ 650.00

What I love most about this Nakayama Kiita

1. That Kiita honing feel and fines quality. 

2. perfect yellow

3.Very unique and distinct sides, from natures formation of the toishi's kawa- It's like a sculpture and it's just beautiful to stare at.

4. Nashi-Ji Leopard Pattern with the Kawa skin

5. I don't think I own a straight long enough that can overhang both ends at any point orthogonal to the 120mm length.

There's nothing more to say about this very unique and collectable vintage barber's kiita from nakayama. I'll only convince myself to not sell it. That little puddle of black slurry is 5 seconds of the toe corner of the razors spine with light-medium pressure. Only limitations with this stone as to what you can hone would come from what your skills allow you to reasonably do within its format/size. Perfect shaves from a softer stone. 

Razor Grade

Collector's Grade.

Toishi Max Size:
Length- 120 mm
Width- 105.7 mm (at narrowest end corner 73.1mm)
Thickness- 28 mm

Toishi - 628 g


Range for Razors:

Legend: " + " = yes  |" - " = no | " / " = yes for kamisori, but only with nagura for western straights. | " DN " = With Diamond Nagura , " AN " = with asano nagura 

Sharpening: ++++, DN 

Prefinishing: ++++,DN

finishing: ++, DN

polishing: -

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