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Narutaki Kaan Asagi Lv 5

Japanese Whetstones

Narutaki Kaan Asagi Lv 5

$ 538.00

From Narutaki Myoukakudani mine. this stone was mined during the shouwa period. 

Narutaki is one of the 5 famous Higashi Mono along with Nakayama (Narutaki was a kilometer away from Nakayama) 


Very fine and hard super finisher for Razors and scalpels! 

Stamps Read; "True Original Mountain" down the top Center

"This is Narutaki" on right certifying the mine the stone was cut from.

"Another top product" on left signifying a stone of top quality.


The kaan rings are very light as is the Asagi cooring which is important, dark ones can feel scratchy. These are super smooth and non toxic. The purity of this stone is incredibly high and the grain is extremely consistent and smooth. The slurry (when generated by tomo nagura or Diamond Nagura) is super slick and a very smooth cutter. When honing on just water the stone is also very slick. 

This is a very nice stone that would cost much more were it not for the small hairline  crack in the bottom right corner. The crack does not affect honing in any way and can't be felt with the blade. A great opportunity to own a top quality Narutaki.

Perfect Polisher for Razors.

Hardness- Lv5

Fineness- Lv5+

Max Size:
Length- 205 mm
Width- 81 mm
Thickness- 31mm

Mass: 1250g

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