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Ohira Mizu Asagi  Lv 5+

Japanese Whetstones

Ohira Mizu Asagi Lv 5+

$ 148.00

finisher for razors.

Works as a hand hone.

Comes included with wooden Toishi Dai


I have not tested this Toishi extensively, as there are stamps and it's for razors so I haven't lapped it. I did kick up some slurry with a #1200 Atoma Diamond Nagura at the bottom and briefly test the feel and polishing force to get this impression:

Not as fine as Nakayama, little is. However it's not just the size of the particle, it's how much you break it down in working your slurry and how you apply pressure to the blade. ;-)

If you like super hard stones, Ohira mine, or stamps then you will probably like this.  As it is so hard, you can even experiment with chrome-ox or diamond pastes. Will need to be flattened, I left that for you to lap off the stamps.  

***Caveat emptor: The knucklehead who mounted this toishi to the dai, let it shift before the glue set and the toishi is angled off to one side and overhanging the dai. It is reflected in the price. If that sort of thing doesn't bother you like it does me, or you plan to try running a coping saw through the glue-- it's a great deal for a full length and width size hone. 

Recommend to use with Nagura. 


Should be a Razor Quality Finisher.


Toishi Max Size:
Length- 209 mm
Width- 76.7 mm
Thickness- 12.5 mm

Toishi with dai - 670 g

Range for Razors:

Legend: " + " = yes  |" - " = no | " / " = yes for kamisori, but only with nagura for western straights. | " DN " = With Diamond Nagura , " AN " = with asano nagura 

Sharpening: AN

Prefinishing: AN

finishing: DN

polishing: Tomo


 *All stones are covered with my Satisfaction guarantee 14 days to try and return it undamaged less shipping,  stones with stamps, usually, you lap it-you buy it. Lapping the stamps off is in a sense damage, as this stone has stamps, if you lap them off I will accept return within 30 days but  there will be a minimum 30% fee for damage. Please asses stamped toishi and make your decision before lapping. 


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